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May 23, 2008

You know your food is produced by an authentic, too-busy-to-be-hip rancher when the ranch appears on a trendy, urban blog that he (or she) is clueless about. They also have no idea of the marketing coup they have just scored. T.O. Cattle Co. appeared this week on Daily Candy, a blog for those in the know about everything from fashion, to restaurants, to beauty tips, to -yes, even grassfed beef.

My sister-in-law, Carrie, a Haight Ashbury dwelling hipster, e-mailed us early in the morning with the link and one line: “This is huge.” When I asked Joe if he had ever heard of Daily Candy (I had not) he said, “Oh, yea. They called last week to fact check.” OK, so his only connection with them was that they were doing an article on us (not that unusal) and that they were checking their facts. As a journalist, I was happy to know that, and immediately gained respect for them as a legitimate source of information. The post was short: http://www.dailycandy.com/san_francisco/food-drink/ but a fun way to explain what we do. A friend in marketing asked me if I knew how we got on there and I told her I had no idea.  Good for Daily Candy, they’re as authentic as Morris Grassfed Beef.

Back to the food … one of my favorite things about living on the ranch is the view we have from our house. Our garden is a virtual outdoor living room surrounded by native grasses, lavendar plants, and oak studded hills – all with a sweeping view of the San Juan Valley. We had some friends over for dinner last weekend and sipped some of Joel Gott’s 815 2005 Cabernet while watching the kids laugh and slide down a hill on cardboard boxes. Hard to beat a summer night like that.

Joel says this about his wine: This will be the third release of our 815 Cabernet, named in honor of our oldest daughter Lucy, born on August 15, 2003. We believe the 815 Cabernet and Lucy share a few traits; continue to thrive each year, sweet with bold overtones and always engaging! The cooler temperatures during the 2005 harvest allowed for longer hang time on the vines, producing well structured and classic cabernet wines. The blend is unique since we make the wines from diverse vineyard sites, including high elevation rocky soil vineyards that produce concentrated wines as well as Napa Valley floor vineyards that produce wines with elegance and finesse. The color is purple, ruby red, with aromas of blueberry, cassis and mocha. The entry on the palette is rich and fruit forward, with jammy flavors, good structure, acidity, and sweet balanced tannins that leave an elegant finish.

August 15 (1996) also happens to be our son, Jack’s birthday, and we couldn’t agree more about the traits that he, Lucy and the Cabernet share.

Bon Appetit!


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