Delivery Day

June 4, 2008

We’ve just completed our first two delivery days of the 2008 season. I say “We,” but sadly, this really does not include me. I am working full-time “off the ranch,” as they say – at an organic produce company in San Juan Bautista. My hours have prevented me from participating in the day-to-day activities of T.O. Cattle Company.

It saddens me because I was an instrumental part of building our customer base and when Joe comes home and says, ” I saw Angela Brenneman today.” I say: “How is she ?!?! I love Angela, she’s been with us since the beginning and is such a great customer, mom, person, etc.” I can’t believe I don’t get to see our customers as I used to. It’s OK, though. I really appreciate and like the people I work with, I’m learning a lot, and I enjoy my job. I have learned to let go of some of my Virgo tendencies to control and have full confidence in Joe’s and Everett’s ability to be organized during the chaos of delivery day. Believe it or not, they are surviving without me!

Joe was amused by one customer who showed up on his motorcycle to pick up a quarter cow.  We have several drop-off lcoations from Sacrameno to Hollister. This particular customer met us in San Jose and had a 50 lb. “trunk” under the seat of his bike. He loaded up most of the meat there and put the remaining 30 or so pounds in another box on top of his trunk, reducing his carbon footprint the whole time. The best thing about Morris Grassfed Beef customers is that they literally meet us halfway. Not just in the sense that they drive 40 miles to meet us, but that they are willing to pay a bit extra to support local ranches and butchers.  Local food is not only better for the environment, our local economies, rural culture, and our bodies: it’s better for our souls.



One Response to “Delivery Day”

  1. farrellp Says:

    Julie, we miss seeing you too! Know that you are still touching souls, even if not in person. I had a friend give me the most wonderful compliment, and I want to extend it to yours’ and Everett’s families. She told me that I have “dramatically changed her life for the better” by encouraging her to buy locally, sustainable raised food and given her the sources to do so. She feels better physically and mentally, and is examining more closely the automatic choices that she makes daily. The actions you took in the past have already positively affected so many lives. What a Cool Deal!

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