The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth

June 19, 2009

Took a road trip last weekend to one of California’s most spectacular places, a hidden gem along nine miles of unspoiled coast called the Hollister Ranch. Located in Gaviota, the ranch is about 20 miles north of Santa Barbara.  Joe was invited to speak after the showing of a new PBS documentary titled “The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth.”

Checkin' out the surf at Hollister Ranch, Santa Barbara

Checkin' out the surf at Hollister Ranch, Gaviota


The film profiles farmers and ranchers around the world who are practicing holistic management and showing how grazing animals can nurture the soil back to health. By managing the amount of time an animal stays in one place, it is possible to mimic Mother Nature’s brilliant system of turning and fertilzing the soil … all without fossil fuels! Morris Grassfed Beef cattle are part of the solution. As practitioners of holistic management for the past 18 years, we have been learning how holistic management not only heals the earth, but produces healthy, delicious food for the community.

As we deliver our 2009 harvest this week to customers up and down California, I cannot help but celebrate all the enthusiasm and support of our customers. They too are stewards of the land by supporting local food and understanding how their purchasing power affects the earth. Now, let’s fire up the grill and pour a glass of Pinot Noir. Bon Appetit!

To watch the film, check your local PBS listings:


2 Responses to “The First Millimeter: Healing the Earth”

  1. notsoliteral Says:

    Great post. Just found your blog through Google as I’m highlighting the Holistic Management Institute. Great to see good work done out West! I’ll be reading the rest of your blog for sure.

  2. Joel Benson Says:

    You all might check out the Savory Institute ( as a source as well. Thanks for the post about the First Millimeter. See I’ll peruse more of your blog.

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