Asian Dumplings

August 29, 2009

From one of our first-ever customers, Andrea Nguyen: Congratulations Andrea!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
At last, the waiting is over! I’m thrilled to inform you that my new book, Asian Dumplings, hit the shelves on Tuesday. Coincidentally my very dedicated publicist Kristin Casemore went into labor that morning too. Not to worry, all is well and both of us have birthed!

I love Asian Dumplings for its collection of over 75 amazing recipes, gorgeous photography and design, step-by-step instructions, and helpful illustrations. I’ve been making dumplings since I was a child and have longed for a book that demystified the techniques and flavors that go into making them. Thanks to the many people who pitched in and my publisher Ten Speed Press (Random House), we now have Asian Dumplings. Among the advance reviews, this statement from Publisher’s Weekly sums things up well: “This alluring and attractive book will appeal to a wide audience of home cooks and trained chefs.”

I greatly appreciate those who pre-ordered books. They are now at your doorsteps or en route. If you’ve not checked out the book, here are helpful links posted on the book’s companion website –

Where can you buy Asian Dumplings? As Ten Speed Press loves to say, “Wherever books are sold!” That means your neighborhood independent bookstore as well as retailers like Borders, Barnes and NoblesAmazon, Powell’s, and Jessica’s Biscuit.

Please forward this message to fellow food enthusiasts. Thanks in advance for your support! Now it’s time to get doughy.





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One Response to “Asian Dumplings”

  1. emceekate Says:

    hey julie,
    nice look for the blog. and nice kudos to the nobel prize winner. i’m going to look for Asian Dumplings at the cookbook but may have to go get some for dinner tonight as just reading about the book made me crave them. yum, yum. thanks!

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