New Decade’s Resolution: Healthy Living for Body and Brain

January 9, 2010

January always brings about a feeling of rejuvenation for me. Once we haul the Christmas tree out and put away the lights, it’s time to start anew. This year, we embark upon a new decade as well. Like a lot of people, I am committing to healthy living – and I intend to keep my promise. To give myself breaks from the monotony, I have told myself that every day I will commit at least 30 minutes of physical or mental exercise. I have broad definitions for both (just to keep it interesting).  Living on a ranch enables me to run (along the paved road), hike in the hills, walk to a nearby retreat center, ride my bike, or even just do yoga on our little porch overlooking the San Juan Valley.  It’s not a bad setup.

On the days I’m not toning muscle, I’m going to strengthen the synapses in my brain by devoting the same amount of time (or more) to writing.  If not here  on localfood, on another project I’ve got in the wings. I like win-wins. I figure this little promise of mine will result in either toned muscles or a novel – and who knows? – maybe even both!


2 Responses to “New Decade’s Resolution: Healthy Living for Body and Brain”

  1. Hey Jules! Great resolutions. I’m interested in your project in the wings. Who knows what your bright mind is up to? Synapses. I’ve never used that word in a sentence. My compliments.

    Jules I wish you were here in Italy. When are you and Joe and the family going to come for a visit!

    As you I’m working on body, mind and spirit. I started doing Pilates two years ago. I learned from a dvd. I do it on a regular basis, not too much, not too little. I probably do 5, 10-25 minute sessions per week. On occasion I make it out for a jog on the road in the country side. I love my run. There are mostly orchards. There are 2 houses with barking dogs I don’t like but I manage to get by them.

    2010 looks extremely promising, doesn’t it? I feel a lot of positivity in the air. Hope you are well. Kisses from Italy!


  2. localfood Says:

    SO great to hear from you! Was reading your blog yesterday and thinking how much I miss you, Italy, cooking in our tiny kitchen, daily trips to mercato centrale, etc., etc. I can hear you talking when I read it – your voice really comes through and it’s wonderful. I am so pround of your commitment and your “traffic!” My project is a book about two women with completely different life experiences. They intersect when an event brings them together that will change both of their lives. Stay tuned! Happy New Year … La mia bella amica! xo, Julie 🙂

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