Slow Sport

September 21, 2010

I love baseball. I love it because it’s slow. There’s a breather between batters. The innings are separated by spontaneous outbursts of The Macarena. You can actually enjoy the game while visiting with friends and eating. At A,T&T Park in San Francisco this weekend, we did just that. Our friends Jim and MaryAlice Whalen were visiting from Boston and we thought: What better way to spend Sunday than showing them a little of San Francisco at the ballpark?

Brilliant MaryAlice Googled what food the park offered on our drive up (there’s a reason we hang with them) and asked while we were walking to the park if I had ever tried the crab sandwiches. Crab sandwiches? Never even knew the park sold them! Needless to say, we headed straight for that vendor, passing up the usual hot dog and hamburger fare. They did not disappoint! Fresh crab with plenty of mayonnaise, salt and pepper, is slopped on to two pieces of grilled, buttery sourdough, topped with tomato slices and served hot off the grill. Yum.

Of course, we paired these scrumptuous diet busters with a gourmet side dish of garlic french fries, drenched in fresh, chopped Gilroy garlic and parsley, and a glass of California Sauvignon Blanc.

GIlroy Garlic Fries

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