Our New Reality

February 19, 2014

Our New Reality

Blog guilt: it’s worse than binging on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while watching old reruns of Friends. I fear I have no audience at this point, understandable considering my neglect. In any case, for my few subscribers I can only tell you that distraction and procrastination are cruel enemies of the novelist/ blogger.

I’ve been busy running our family business, starting a hyperlocal news site for my community, and – admittedly – avoiding being overcome with the self doubt Anne Lamott aptly describes. I’m still writing, it’s just not blog posts or fiction. I’m posting Morris Grassfed’s latest newsletter here: Our New Reality, which describes the effects of drought on our food.  I hope you’ll click on it to see how Mother Nature’s curve ball has caught us off guard this year. We are grappling with suspending our grassfed certification as we review our ability to abide by the standard of raising all our animals from birth.  The drought will affect more than grassfed beef, local food producers all over California are busy adjusting their business models. Our friends at Straus Dairy posted an eloquent explanation on their website today about how they will need to seek a variance for their organic certification. Drought is truly a game changer. Hopefully our members will understand the need to adapt, and continue to support us as we navigate this new reality.  In the meantime, I have not given up on the novel, it just needs a little dusting off and revising. Stay tuned … and thanks for reading!


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