As we move through our delivery season we are fortunate to be the recipients of our customers’ many talents. In the world of food, there is a lot of sharing.  On this Fourth of July, it is a fitting tribute to celebrate not only our country’s independence from Great Britian, but the independence that comes with sourcing your food from local producers, as our forefathers did. Because we are part of a growing coalition of local food makers, we are indeed indpendent from factors industrial food is linked to: high fuel costs (transporation) and high corn prices (processing), to name two.

Morris Grassfed Beef customers are foodies, and they know good, real food when they see it. Many of them make their own, gourmet items. Although food items are probably the most traded, we’ve been known to trade beef for piano lessons, artwork and even construction projects. Foodies are inherently talented people!

This week Joe brought home all sorts of goodies from our delivieries: a pound of Kenya Wango Estate Peaberry Barefoot Coffee,, 8 oz. of Bravo Farms Handmade Cheese, Original Chipolte Cheddar,, and a small bottle of 100% organic Avocadomolina extra virgin avocado oil.

I’m sipping a cup of the Kenya Wango coffee as a I write and it is – to quote their label – “a roller coaster of savory & syrupy flavors from sweet, V8 juice, cumin, and sweet snow peas.” Wow, definately a welcomed deviation from the vanilla latte at Starbucks!

Rhonda Gruber’s Bravo Farms Handmade Cheese is the most delicous cheddar I have ever tasted. I’ve been cutting a slice to enjoy with a glass of white wine each evening while I cook. I’ve also melted it into my favorite brown butter rice recipe to make a soupy risotto that’s out of this world. The flavor is smoked, but not dry. It has a chipolte kick that makes my taste buds dance.

We received a whole case of Good Earth teas from our friend and loyal customer Billy Healy. Our talented customer, Farrell, who loves to cook, gave us her own blend of Farrell’s Spicy Rub  that makes a wonderful dry rub for beef, poultry or even just seasonings for grilled vegetables. Lucas Moen, who is doing deliveries for us now, brings us raw milk and cream in glass bottles from Claravale Farm in Watsonville, Calif.  Not only is this as fresh as it gets, but it is thick, creamy and healthy. If you’ve never tasted the real thing, you should contact Lucas:

The beauty of all of these products is that they are made by hand, and with attention to detail. Each product is a tribute to the passion of its creator and a celebration of the indpendence of local food.

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