The Hamblogger

June 9, 2010

I haven’t been to Weezy’s yet, but I can’t wait to try it!

And I just love the concept of this blog:

The Hamblogger is a small group of opinionated photojournalists that are based throughout the U.S. who share a common passion for taking pictures and eating burgers. If it’s made of ground beef, comes on some form of bread and isn’t from a chain like McDonald’s or Burger King, we’re gonna eat it. Our jobs take us all over the world and we have challenged ourselves to find tasty burgers at each stop. We want to experience burgers at cool places in our hometowns and in your neighborhood, sampling as many as we can without turning into the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Hamblogger Bios

Justin “Hold the Onions” Sullivan
Co-founder, Correspondent – San Francisco, California
Justin was born in the middle of the Southern California burger scene and raised by a family of burger lovers. His family used to eat burgers at least once a week at great places like Tommy’s, In-N-Out and Astro Burger in L.A. It’s a miracle that they have all lived this long after their excessive burger eating. When Justin was seven years old he would help the workers at the local In-N-Out by sweeping the parking lot and peeling onions in exchange for a free burger. Although he doesn’t do janitorial service for burgers anymore, he still puts in extra hours doing his job as a photojournalist so he can afford his addiction to the almighty hamburger. Some of Justin’s non-burger work can be found here.

Josh “Somewhere in the World a Vegan is Weeping” Weisberg
Co-founder, Correspondent – Los Angeles, California
Some of Josh’s earliest childhood memories include ordering “hamburger, french fries and ketchup” from the McClown with his dad.  As he matured, so did his palette and his appreciation for burgers.  As a photojournalist, Josh has traveled the world experiencing everything from hamburgers in Indianapolis to lamburgers in India.  He maintains an admiration for cows both on and off the dinner table and has not visited the McClown in nearly two decades. Take a peek at Josh’s website.

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